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Finance and investment solutions for a changing world

Roodhals Capital advises and arranges financial solutions for medium sized companies in Europe. In addition, since 2008, Roodhals has established itself as a partner for investors in origination and investment advice. 


Medium sized companies are a time-honoured engine of growth and innovation. The financial crisis of the last few years may have slowed companies down, but investors continue to look for the real gems. It is our mission to create financial alternatives for these companies and opportunities for investors.


We engage with companies to improve their balance sheet and seek to arrange alternative financing in the local and international debt and capital markets. For investors and lenders our activities result in a diverse and unique source of opportunities, all based on an intricate knowledge of the company and wide experience in capital markets.


Internship offered


Roodhals Capital B.V. is based in The Netherlands. Its subsidiary Roodhals Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.